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My iPad (first version) has recently lost its sound through the speaker, however sound is still coming out from the headphone when I plug it in.

I have checked the Mute button, restore firmward and updated firmward to no avail. Any idea ?



iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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    Today, a few days after installing IOS5, my iPad1 lost the sound trough the build-in speakers. The headphones jack kept working...


    I tried everything, from blowing and cleaning the headphone jack, to restarts and hard resets. Nothing solved the problem...


    I did a final hard reset and then came it in my mind that the preference for the side-switch on the ipad was set to screen-rotation-lock. Without any hope, i altered that preference of the side-switch to the sound toglle.

    And Miracle: the speakers were back alive !!!! Even after setting the preference to screenrotation-lock...