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Just reporting this to see if something needs investigation:


Until now, my new Air 11" has been getting 5-7 hours battery life when I'm doing text editing and light browsing. Today the battery life dropped from 100% to 50% in 45 minutes!


The culprit was Lion's Finder, sitting at a steady 100% CPU usage--apprarently for an extended time. This is with only one window open (5 files), Show All Sizes turned off. No encryption active, no volumes mounted except the internal (no network volumnes, no external volumes, no disk images) No searches active, no Spotlight indexing, Time Machine off, Air Drop off. Only open apps: Safari, CyberDuck FTP, and TextWrangler (all 3 of which showing 0 to 1% CPU usage, as usual, and each with just one window/tab open). Nothing in Activity Monitor was doing much of anything, except the Finder itsel;f maxing out 1 of the 4 virtual cores.


Logging out and back in fixed the CPU usage (or I could have just force-relaunched Finder). So I wanted to log that tip in case it helps anyone. But I'll also be keeping a closer eye on Activity Monitor in future. Hope this is a rare fluke--overall, I'm a Lion fan, but it has its early quirks!

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7), 4GB i7
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