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With Snow Leopard, I used to be able to hold down an icon on the dock (where multiple windows were open for the same app), and it would show all of the various pieces of that app I had open.  With Lion you have to click and select open all Windows


Example, Outlook:  Holding down the mouse button would show all of the open mail messages.


Now, it only shows a menu, where you can select 'show all windows'.


is there any way to get that feature back? (other than going back to SL?)

iPad 1, MBA 13" (2010), iPhone, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • hawleyrw Level 3 (625 points)

    I found the new functionality of Expose, which when pressing F3 will show them, but would still like to click/hold on the icon if possible.  The issue with Expose is if any of the Windows are minimized, they don't show up in the view when pressing F3

  • Barney-15E Level 8 (46,274 points)

    That function is now a two-finger double-click on the icon. But, you need a multi-gesture trackpad. Not sure about the Magic Mouse.

  • hawleyrw Level 3 (625 points)

    Sweet - so easy (would probably help if I go over all of the new gestures again).  Thanks.  Still easy.  I've got a late 2010 MBA, so have the multi-gesture trackpad.



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    The 2-finger double click doesn't work for me.


    What worked is a three-finger swipe down (called "App Expose" in the system preferences) over the applicaiton icon.  If you use an external mouse, then you can use the MIssion Control button over the app (ie. for the Magic Mouse, you would double tap over the dock icon).

  • Christoph Vogelbusch Level 1 (15 points)

    Just incase someone is lookcing for this:


    The same gesture on the Magic Mouse is a single finger double tap.