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The "show cookies" and "remove them" options are no longer showing in the Safari preferences menu, and it's no longer a part of the "Reset Safari".  Did Apple remove them and leave us stuck with unwelcome cookies for the rest of the iMac's life?

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.6), OSX Tiger with Intel
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    You can still delete cookies in Safari 5. Safari Preferences/Privacy/Cookies and other website data/Details

    Screen Shot 2011-08-07 at 11.49.58 PM.png

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    How do you know which of the cookies you should remove and which should stay??  I cleared mine last night and already have 143 this morning!!

  • Joe Gramm Level 5 Level 5

    Cookies seem to be getting worse. As you said, just deleted them and you now have 143 more. It's to much trouble to delete individual cookies. I just delete them all periodically. For me there is no harm in deleting any cookie. The only thing I may want a site to remember about me is either a username, password or both. That is done by either Safrai Autofill or your Keychain.


    The main thing is to have cookies enabled, but blocked from third parties and advertisers. Then delete them all


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    Sounds like you have a lot of persistent (i.e. self-regenerating) cookies.



    To begin with, block Flash Cookies (Locally Stored Objects). In System Preferences / Other / Flash Player, check the option to "block all sites..."

    Flash prefs.png

    Then hit the Delete All button. (Have a look first under the settings button if you wish)


    That will take care of one kind of persistent cookie, but you should also read these articles;





    I would also recommend Little Snitch, which will allow you to block Safari and other apps from contacting those sites.

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    I have the same problem- and Ive found several forums which have expresssed the same view. When I go to Privacy--the whole section is blank. The security section has changed- with no mention of cookies anymore. This seems to have stemmed form my last update from Apple--any ideas?????

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    Mac OS X

    What worked for me was to quit all applications except Safari, then delete the cookies I didn't want. (It appears that other applications are somehow sharing the Cookies.plist file.) Once I did that, the cookies didn't come back even after I opened the other applications.

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    Mac OS X

    You can delete all cookies safely. Session cookies have a small benefit to you, in that they keep you logged into sites such as this one, so that you don't have to reauthenticate each time you wish to post. Once you've logged off the site, you no longer need the cookie. OTOH, most cookies benefit only the web sites, advertisers, tracking companies, and others who are gathering data about you. If you don't like the fact that these companies are following your every move, building dossiers on you, and selling that info to others, you should delete all cookies regularly.

    There are some good cookie management apps and extensions available for Safari, as well as tracker and ad blockers which work in the background (mostly). Regardless, they are easy to use, and mostly freeware, donationware, or shareware.

    Then there are persistent cookies. These cookies are able to respawn themselves using data stored on your computer, outside of your browser. These can be very difficult to deal with. You can see them by going to Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy -> Details. Click Remove All, wait a moment, and the persistent cookies will pop back up.