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Hi help please. My volume on my iPhone 4 has quite!!! I can hear incoming calls , I can hear my alarms , but I turn on pandora I can't hear any music or any sound on my games? But if I put on my headphone there is sound. I'm not stupid I have flipped the switch on on the side . And I have went to the sound in settings it is on and all the way up. So help!!! Please

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    Hello! I have the same problem as you. Telephone support from Apple is 90 days but can not provide an email address so I can contact them to resolve my problem. I bought the iPhone 4S via the internet thinking it would be replacing my old Blackberry Torch 2 for something better (I liked the experience with my iPhone, then with my iPhone and my MacBook Pro 2), but my iPhone 64GB Unlocked 4S factory has no support in Venezuela, or by phone, since they do email support, as does the iTunes Store.

    My phone stopped working the sound of the clicks on the keyboard, the sound of games, apps, when the headphones are not plugged. Occasionally the sound returns, but long ago it does not. And reconfigured and restore my iPhone completely three times, but that should not happen with a phone that cost me USD 1000.00 !!!!!!!

    I need the help of someone who managed to solve the problem, or that Apple itself comes in contact with me.

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    I am having the same problem. Plugged the phone in to power source and sounds came back? Very frustrating... Had a 3G for three years and never a problem. Makes me want to pull it out again. I can't hear texts or email sounds either. Phone rings but that's it.