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I have an iMac 27" 3 years old upgraded to Snow Leopard November 2010 all software updates current recently started experiencing problems with the following, when using Aperture 3 the system would slow down considerably, I would get the swirling colored ball endlessly unable to complete tasks I was trying to have done. Trying to close program and restart computer was not possible. Had to force quit application regularly and that would even get stuck in the process. Screen sometimes would go gray or white depending on what I was trying to do or what I had open. Then when I was finally able to close applications and restart computed I would get the flashing question mark. I had to do the powering off reset process regularly. I did notice that the back of the computer was getting much warmer to almost hot when the computer functioned in this manner. The fan turned on two times in the past month, this startled me as I did not know what the noise was at first, I thought I was loosing my hard drive at first. I read more discussions on troubleshooting Mac OS X in the past two days I am about ready to throw the thing through the roof! I have watched every YouTube video on complete operating system erase,formatting and reinstall. I backed up my system to an external hard drive and completed a complete secure system erase. I have attempted to reinstall my operating system as a clean install with the original operating disks when the system was purchased. Three attempts failed repeatedly, after carefully tracing and retracing my steps I brought the system to Apple Genius yesterday to see if there was something I was missing. My system was checked out and I was told it was not a hardware problem and that everything was completely wiped out and I should be able to make a complete reinstall without a problem. My start up disks at time of purchase were OS 10.5. I was told by the genius I could skip this and just use the start up disk from when we upgraded to Snow Leopard last November using OS 10.6 and do a software update check after reinstall. Went home and once again attempted to reinstall and the install failed twice then hung up for what seemed hours. I got fed up and stopped and just now went back for one more attempt before I bring it back to Apple again tomorrow! I can hear the disk spinning in the drive but the time estimated on the screen and how long it has hung for are not the same. I don't want to give up if this could possibly undo itself eventually. Has anyone run into problems like this when attempting to do a clean system reinstall. It looks so simple in video and in print but when it comes down to it, it just is not happening as one would expect. For example the disk verify estimate time given was 4 minutes it feels like it has been 15 already and the progress bar does not appear to have moved even a millimeter but I can hear noise coming from the disk as if it is spinning and doing something? Now the install progress bar reads 31 minutes remaining and again it does not appear to be moving or counting down the time, remains the same number 31 now for at least 5 minutes now? I am used to watching machines give detailed count down estimates with update adjustments given by at least 5 minute intervials? Is this normal for a complete reinstall or could my hard drive still be trying to fail?

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    First off, clean the 10.6 disk if you can and check it for scratches and damage/dirt. You should always clean the DVD from the inside straight out (and not in a circle around the disk) -- with a cotton cloth or other clean non abrasive cloth.


    If reinstalling still fails after you've cleaned and inspected the disk, then take that in with the computer and let them know that you're having issues reinstalling the system software with the 10.6 disk.


    It will be easy for them to troubleshoot it from there, it can either be an issue with the 10.6 disk you've got, or a hardware issue on your iMac.

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    You deliberately choose not to use the standard letter type of this forum.
    Did you think this font is more legible?
    And why didn't you break up your text in paragraphs?
    When you look at your post now, do you think it is inviting and easy to read?

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    My appologies to you RobBT this was my first time coming to a site such as this! I was unaware of a font protocol and nor a text format requirement.


    I was given the impression it was of MY choice of these selections as there was the option in the editor bar.

    My bad............ I will take not of this and leave the default settings in place in the future.


    Thank you so very much RobBT for pointing this out ...... Apologies to all those offended


    I was seeking a fellow Mac users input to possibly assist me with my problem reinstalling my systems operating system

    I have systematically completed all tasks as described YouTube video trouble shooting assists and that obtained from apple.com/support/macosx.

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    Thanks for the suggestions


    That was already completed to begin with in step one before reinstall

      I am very much the obsessive compulsive personality type when it comes to coming in contact with electronic components and their proper handling.


    What about the TechTool Deluxe disk that comes with apple care ?  Is that a reliable assist in this case seeing as I have already wiped my hard drive clean?


    I have already had my system in at Apple to the genuis bar on saturday and they tested it there and everything checked out fully operational, processors, hard drive, RAM, VRAM.


    And if so how do you boot it up to the desk top if you have wiped your system clean already and only have a white screen at start up.


    Only variables at home use were use of my mouse, keyboard, power cord and start up disk.


    Could a very small fray to the power cord from being pinched against the wall from desktop be the possible culprit? This is what I am possibly leaning toward or disk damage or DVD driver?  But it boots up and loads?


    Anyone else have any suggestions?

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    There's no need to apologize.


    I was unaware of a font protocol and nor a text format requirement.


    There's no font protocol, nor text format requirement, if I left that impression I'm the one who should apologize. It was your free choice indeed to make your selection from the given options.


    All I meant to say was: look at that block of text, that is so hard to read.