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When I plug in my external display via a mini-display port to VGA converter (Apple issued), my 2011 Macbook air detects the displays presence, but only occasionally will display a picture.


Have tried:

  1. Powering up with the display plugged in
  2. Unplugging and then plugging back in the VGA connector and/or the Mini-display port connector
  3. Fiddling with the display settings in "Settings > Displays"
  4. Shouting at the computer


The last time I got it working, the display worked until I put the screens (not the computer) to sleep to effectively lock my mac (password on wakeup). When I woke the display back up, only the macbook air display woke up.


I'm pretty sure it is not the port or the connector as the external display works fine with my bootcamp boot of Windows 7 64bit on the same machine. It just doesn't work properly in Mac OS Lion.


I can't find the equivilent of F7 on the mac as that has now been replaced with the music control keys. fn + F7 doesn't do anything.


What do I need to do??

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7), 13" 1.8ghz i7
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    Found a work around of sorts, but it is not ideal:


    Problem: VGA monitor not displaying an image when plugged into a macbook air via mini-display port to VGA connector.



    1. Plug in mini display port & VGA cable
    2. Wait for computer to detect display
    3. Unplug the VGA cable but leave the mini display port adaptor plugged in to the computer
    4. Under settings > displays, click "detect displays"
    5. Wait for computer process the fact that the VGA monitor has been unplugged from the adapter (normally denoted by the macbook air screen flashing)
    6. Plug the VGA cable back into the adaptor
    7. Click "detect displays" again
    8. External VGA monitor comes to life


    Unfortunately, on my computer I have to repeat these tedious steps every time I wake the **** thing up from sleep mode or the display goes to sleep automatically.


    WHY APPLE?? Why does windows work better on your own hardware??

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    i have just started to experience this as well with my new macbook air.  have you had any better resolution of this issue?

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    Sorry, I never found a better solution. I gave up on Mac OS and exclusively use Windows 7 64 bit on my macbook air.


    I really, REALLY disliked Mac OS, don't know if it was just Lion, but I didn't get on with it at all.


    Oh well, at least my Windows box is a pretty one :-)

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    Connecting MacBook PRO 13" (SerialNumber  C17FV5G1DH2G, Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74) to SonyTV using PC input and thunderbolt VGA adaptor (Model numberA1307) does not work. TV indicates no signal.



    1. Connecting     PPC mac mini to 19'' monitor using VGA cable (adaptor not used,) works just fine.
    2. Connecting     PPC mac mini to  Sony TV using VGA cable to TV PC input (adaptor not used,) works     just fine.
    3. Connecting     MacBookPRO to 19 '' monitor using adaptor works just fine.
    4. Connecting     MacBookPRO to Sony TV with adaptor using PC input with does not     work. Appears to connect OK but indicates no signal being received.

    Any ideas what I may be doing wrong, or do I have a defective MacBookPRO

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    Do you happen to have Air Display installed?  That application caused many of these problems for me. I finally realized it and had to uninstall.