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Hello everybody!


I finally installed Mac OS X Lion on my MacBook Pro yesterday and I bought it from Mac's App Store! However I went to iTunes stroe using my Lion Operating System and I downloaded the new Cut the Rope: Experiments and my account was working fine in the beginning of the day! Then I realised that I wanna changed my accounts e-mail adress and this is not my main e-mail adress! So I changed it and after that I am not able to sign in to iTunes Store from my Mac OR FaceTime! BTW FaceTime was working fine as well! I tried creating new Apple ID's but even they didn't work for me! I received the error "We could not complete your iTunes store request! And unknown error occurred! (12002)"!


I tried signing in with my friends MacBook Pro with a different IP and he we received the same error again! I can sign in to apple.com through Safari and I can sign in with my iPod Touch! What should I do ??! Any soloutions ?!?!