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I think that this happened when I checked off both "keep iTunes media folder organized" and "copy files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to library."I had all of my files located at C:\Users\Beata\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media   and then I noticed that itunes made folders for all of of my music files because I have checked off the keep iTunes media folder organized. Ever since then, itunes can't find all of my files but only some of it and I don't want to go one by one to locate all of the songs. All of my songs are located in the same location which is C:\Users\Beata\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music  I changed it to this location because all of my song files are located there and the place where it was located before, I didn't find the song files on there. I also noticed that itunes would oragize and create folders for my songs in the my music library and I thought that was the reason why itunes couldn't find the files because they were in the wrong location so I moved all of those folders to C:\Users\Beata\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music  So, is it because all of my files are in folders since itunes organized them? All of my files are in album, artist, and song title folders. Where should all of these folders be located at? Also, iTunes creates multiple folders that have the same name and should I just leave the folders be or organize them myself because I have folders that have the same exact name as in the artist and title but it has different song files in the folders. Should I combine the files into the same folder that have the same artist or should I just leave it that way?  Please ,I really need help as I have tried almost everything.

Windows 7