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Terry Smelker Level 1 (10 points)

I tried to upgrade to Lion on my Mid-2009 MacBook Pro, but afterward I tried to startup Final Cut Pro 6 (which is part of FCS 2), only to be told that FCP6 is a PowerPC application and it wouldn't run. I don't understand this, since I have Shake 4.1 installed on the same computer, and both applications are Universal Binary; after the lion install Shake still continued to work (Shake is older than FCS2, and Motion replaced Shake) while FCP didn't! I had to wipe my haddrive and downgrade back to Snow Leopard, just to use FCP6! What gives?

PM G5 (Late 2005) 2x 2.3GHz, 6.5GB RAM | MBP 17, Mac OS X (10.7), iPhone 4 32GB- v4.2.1
  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,705 points)

    FCS 2 is a four year old application...and Lion is brand spankin' new.  Sometimes old software has issues on new operating systems.


    Why did you install Lion?  Do you NEED it?  Does it do something that Snow Leopard does not?  Why not just stick with what works?  Especially if you earn a living with that machine.  There is no need to install the latest and greatest JUST BECAUSE it is the latest and greatest.

  • Terry Smelker Level 1 (10 points)

    Well, Shane, since OS's from 10.2 to 10.6 were such easy upgrades, I was expecting the same of 10.7. After all, isn't that the point of using a Mac? I guess I should have included in my original question that I was looking for a solution for this problem, not just snarky comebacks.


    But to answer your question, I want to make sure that I can make use of iCloud when it is finally rolled out. There seems to be debate on whether it will work with other operating systems like Leopard (which is what I have on my Power Mac)., and it would be nice to have one Mac in the house running Leopard.


    Overall, one would be tempted to think that Apple jumped the gun with Lion, since it doesn't seem to play well with many applications (especially Apple's own) that it is supposed to play nice with. These are the kinds of problems one would expect with a Windows upgrade, NOT with a Mac OS.

  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,705 points)

    Pardon the snarky reply, but from a professional editing point of view, one NEVER updates a working machine, unless something is offered in the new OS that one needs right then and there.  And when one does update, one needs to do a boatload of research first, to make sure that every application they rely on is compatible with the new OS.  Because if it isn't, it means the edit station cannot function properly, and that means that one cannot work and make money with that station.  So ALWAYS look, and look well, before you leap.


    You want to make use of iCloud, when it is "finally rolled out."  OK, why not wait to update the OS until it is rolled out?  You don't need it now, you need it when a feature comes available.  SO use what you have until it comes, and then research to make sure things work.  And if you really need iCloud, can you not just get another computer with Lion to access all of that?  So that your current system can run under the OS that it works well?  And yes, Studio 2 might have worked under all those previous OSes, but support for the old software will stop at some point, because Apple looks back only so far.  So this might be the point where it doesn't work.


    But really, FCP 6 and LION might be an issue.  I do know that the INSTALLER for FCS2 is PowerPC based, and requires Rosetta, and Rosetta isn't included in Lion.  Lion not working with Apple's own software?  Well, yes, it does, the NEWER ones.  The older software?  As I said, they extend support only so far...they can't keep looking back if they want to look forward.  If you want things to always work with the latest OS, then you need newer software.  You cannot expect the older software do always just won't.


    Especially since FCP X is out...Apple doesn't give a hoot about supporting the older versions. 

  • mishmumken Level 5 (4,000 points)

    Although I completely agree with Shane, there seems to be another option: A post in this thread says that it is possible to install Rosetta under Lion.


    So, if you care to play ....



  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,705 points)

    Installing something that wasn't tested on the OS you are installing it on...and not sanctioned by Apple.  Sure, but go at your own risk...and don't moan and complain and blame Apple when it doesn't work.  It wasn't designed to work...they removed Rosetta from Lion.


    Just warning you.  DO what you want.  Personally, since I use my machine to make money, I run it under conditions that have been tested and green lit.  Failure costs me time and money.

  • Terry Smelker Level 1 (10 points)

    Mishmumken, that's VERY helpful news. I'll be sure to give it a try.


    Shane, thanks- but I never said my MBP was the ONLY mahine I use- it's just the only one that suports Lion. I'm perfectly willing to try whatever I need to. Personally, although I agree with your statement about better timing with upgrades, I find it interesting that you've acheived Level 8 status with the kind of attitude you displayed in your last post.Good luck to you.

  • mishmumken Level 5 (4,000 points)

    Terry Smelker wrote:


    I find it interesting that you've acheived Level 8 status with the kind of attitude you displayed in your last post.Good luck to you.


    I don't want to sound rude but Shane holds that status for a precise reason: a vast knowledge concerning FCP and the industry and the will to share that knowledge for free.



  • Terry Smelker Level 1 (10 points)

    That may be so, but there's a difference between being encouraging to others who may have 'less' knowledge, and talking 'down' to someone seeking help, or making them feel like idiots for asking a simple question. That kind of approach wouldn't fly at the Genius Bar.

  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,705 points)

    Ehh...those guys are paid...I'm not.


    So...seriously.  Tone of voice is tough to express on forums.  I don't mean to be rude...I do mean to ask "why did you install Lion? Does it have something you need?"  I don't mean that sarcastically...I mean it truthfully?  Why did you do it, and did you really need to?  It is best not to.  That's all. 


    And I am explaining how ALL OS makers work when they make the new OS...they rarely look back to see what will work.  They might do a short distance, but not more than a few years.  I don't have sympathy for them either, just stating facts.  Apple might look to see if FCP 7 works, but they won't look at FCP 6. 


    I didn't mean to be condescending...just factual.

  • mishmumken Level 5 (4,000 points)

    Terry Smelker wrote:


    That kind of approach wouldn't fly at the Genius Bar.


    Maybe it wouldn't but lately more often than not I find out that I know more than the geniuses .... and I know next to nothing compared to many other members of these boards.



  • WideAge Level 1 (10 points)

    Completely agree with Mish, the advice of Shane not to update if everything is working well is golden. I too want to get rid of MobileMe and change to iCloud (especially for the calendar) but I decided to wait until next summer to decide wether or not to update my station (I only updated to 10.6 last May). And I also have a recent and bootable copy of my workstation just in case...And I'll stay on FCP6 as well for the coming year. Shane thanks for all your advices in the past years, it was (and still is) a great help!



  • Terry Smelker Level 1 (10 points)

    Well, thanks to no one here, I wiped my drive, reinstalled SL and all my apps, then reinstaled Lion 10.7.1 over all that, and all my apps- including FCS2- worked fine now. In addition, I reinstalled Rosetta as recommended by another thread here, which should help in the future. Since I grabbed Lion basically right out of the gate, I inadvertently proved what most people say about Mac OS upgrades- wait for the update!

  • russ Andris1 Level 2 (205 points)



    You have found out, what others, who have installed LION, on the their Mac.

    You will have to re-install all of your software over top. LION does not see those

    software items. You did the right thing. To bad you had to wipe your drive and re-install all your



    I will not install Lion on any of my Mac's till either Apple address this issue or other 3rd party

    FCSP software makers stop suppoerting older OS's.


    Terry get use to this-This is the new APPLE. They did this with FCPX and now with LION.

    If they are not carefull, Apple could lose their base supports, who date back before LISA,

    and the 1st Mac.

  • Terry Smelker Level 1 (10 points)

    Well, I only had to wipe the drive becuase I didn't have a Time Machine drive for this laptop. Once I completely restored SL, however, I bought a portable drive to use for Time Machine backups- which will serve me well as a backup video storage drive once Lion has settled in.


    Russ, I don't particularly like the 'new' Apple- especially their incessant push to make their computers 'obsolete' just to drive new Mac sales. It seemd their decision making for new products has doen a crazy Ivan recently. And I am one of those people who have been supportign their products for a VERY long time.

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