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Why does my volume control buttons only work with my apple headset and mic installed. When headset not pluged in and I try to volume up or down I see the speaker logo with the word ringer above but no movement up or down. Also when in ipod mode the same thing happens. when headset pluged in volume works properly but with headset unpluged there in no volume control available. under settings-sounds-ringer and alerts-change with buttons-on. tryed power off and restart no help.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, iOS 4.3.5
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    Were you able to handle this? I am having the same problem with my iPhone 4 after updating to 5.0.1

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    i've just had the same thing happen to me. i dont know why but the ringer volume control doesnt work. i though it might be my speakers but like you when i try and change the volume of my ringtone in the settings, the sound works. but when i try and play music from my phone the option to change the volume isnt there anymore. i recently plugged my phone into my docking station and the volume control works when it plugged in on there but the second i take it off it stops working again.i've tried doing a hard reset and connecting it to my laptop but nothing seems to work. ive also had the 5.0.1 software for a while and this problem only occured yesterday so im not sure if thats the problem.

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    same here.... upgraded to 5.0.1 a few days ago and problem started aroud 3 am this morning (March 11, 2012).

    The only thing that has changed is that the time was automatically set forward one hour to put us back on Pacific Daylight Saving Time. I can't believe that would cause this problem but its the only thing that has changed.

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    I called Apple this morning and we walked through a bunch of the standard steps of testing and resetting my iPhone... Final conclusion by Apple was that since everything worked okay when the docking connector was hooked up and the problem returned when removed it was something wrong with the docking connector on the iPhone, maybe even some dust.


    I took a one of my wife's artist's brushes and wetted it and scrubbed the connector on the iPhone.


    Everything works perfectly now. Hopefully this simple fix will be all that is needed.



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    Good to hear you solved it.  In future I would forego the wetting.  Water and electricity...?

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    Starting having this issue in the last couple of days and I hae been at the Apple Store and they performed some minor reset, and suggested I go home and do a "restore" after I backup. Anyways, my issue is strange because it's intermittent throughout the day. Much more annoying


    I also had the "rust" brushed off the connector port, and it did not change much. What I have found is that, if I plug in my headsets for the first time, it get the problem with no volume control showing, but then I remove the headset and plug it back in while music is playing and the issue is cleared. Believe me, it's not a case of the headset was not properly plugged in.


    Anyways, this specific issue is only one of many I have began experience. VOICE CONTROL just activating on its own. HOME button not working for some time of the day adn then working again. I hope I get some help on my next Apple Store Genuis Appointment.

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    Same thing happened to me last night.  With no headphone attached, the volume cut in and out and in and out and finally quit.  Pressing the volume buttons showed the volume sign box with no bars, and no volume slider in Music.  With the headphones in, all worked as usual.


    I folded up a stiff piece of paper and cleaned out all the dust in the dock connector and voila, the volume buttons work again.


    Somehow, crud must be crossing some contacts enough so that the iphone thinks it's plugged into something external that controls the volume.


    Clean out the dock connector. 

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    Go to settings, general, accessibility, assistive touch (turn on). A small box will apppear on your home screen where you can control the volume using the touch screen.

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    Hi all may I suggest that you do one more step before you proceed to your nearest repair shop. Open up Voice Memos, you will see a sound icon on the top right hand side of the Voice Memos screen. Make sure the sound icon is turned OFF (whereby OFF = greyed out color). 

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    Something similar happened to my iphone 4s. I just got it a month ago and I'm starting to have problems with the volume and ringer. My ringer will be on but it will vibrate instead. Or I'll be listening to music or a video and it just cuts out. My phone isnt muted. I tried that already.

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    As other posters have mentioned I also had the same problem and the fix is listed in this thread.  Thanks to the guy who said it was just as simple as cleaning the docking connectors... WALLA!   Back to normal... well normal for me!!