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since upgrade to Office 2011 14.2.1 I my iCal is no longer getting events from Outlook.  Outlook is primary place events are added on my computer and they used to sync to ical which then would sync to my ipad and iphone.  recently this stopped working and July on shows no events on my iCal on iPhone, iPad, or MacbookPro.  Please help!  I have searched all over the web and MS of course seems to ignore the issue and I need to be able to sync.  Tethered sync is fine via iTunes - no need for wireless.  I just want to make sure that SOMEHOW it syncs.  Please note I am on a POP server for Outlook - NOT exchange.  thanks!!!


I am on OS X 10.7 Lion on the MacBook Pro.

I am on iCal v. 5.0.

I am on MS Outlook 2011 14.2.1.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I too have the same problem with the same versions as stated above running. In addition I use Outlook for all of my contacts. Neither is syncing with iTunes to my iPhone.  This is causing me huge problems I as use my macbook air with an iPad and 2 iPhones for work.

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    any updates here by any chance?


    I am now on 10.8.2, iCal 6.0, and working towards abandoning Outlook 2011 and moving towards Mail 6.2.  BUT i still can't figure out how to make iCal send from my work email address, and then publish to the web for people in my office to see, coupled with the ability to sync with iPad or iPhone.  It seems I can do one but not more than one, no matter how hard I try.  I mean really?!?!?! How is this even considered remotely functional?