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I'm sure than some iTunes expert can assist on this.


I imported Beethoven's symphonies (conducted by Bruggen) with no problem on movements 1-8, but 9 presents problems. The 4th movement Bruggen version is separated into ten sections. The iTunes list looks like this:


Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001.jpg








Line 1: 4th movement, part 6

Line 2: 4th movement, part 7

Line 3: 4th movement, part 8

Line 4: 4th movement, part 9

Line 5: 4th movement, part 10

Line 6: 4th movement, part 1

Line 7: 4th movement, part 2

Line 8: 4th movement, part 3

Line 9: 4th movement, part 4

Line 10: 4th movement, part 5


As you can tell, the movement is out of sequence. I'd like parts 1 to 10 to be sequential in iTunes, but I'm note sure how to do this - or indeed, how they ended up this way in the first place. How do I fix this in iTunes?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Add "0" to single digit part number. Instead of "part 1", make it "part 01". See if that works.

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    Good suggestion. 


    I did a Cmd-i in iTunes, and renumbered the Track numbers using the "01," etc - but it didn't result in any changes in the movement order. Just for fun, I did the same thing with Disk Number, but the movement order remains the same.


    The line numbers are supposed to correspond to the info in the pic, though the iTunes pic only contains a limited amount of info.

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    Fixed - but an obscure solution.


    I highlighted the ten tracks in the movement in iTunes, then did a Control-click to bring up a contextual menu.The menu was familiar, one of them - ID4 tags - was not, This menu converts your ID4 tags to an older version. (There are about five different versions listed.) I chose version 1.0 of the ID4 tags, since the CD itself was several years old.


    Amazing! Changing the ID4 tags to an old version will reorder the tracks - and in my case, it was exactly what was needed.


    I guess this is significant info if, like, you have old CDs.