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I had a 3rd generation iPod Touch that would hold a charge for a long time until suddenly (just before the warranty ran out) it would no longer hold the charge.  I could fully charge it and leave it sit unused for about 3 days and it would be dead.  After much tech support from Apple (we tried restoring original settings, removing all apps, etc., etc., etc.), they sent me a replacement.  The replacement has had the same issue since day 1.  I have now been experimenting with other settings and it seemed to hold the charge a little better when the wifi was turned off, but I always used to leave the wifi on and it didn't drain the battery at all.  What is going on??

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    The recent iOSs for iPods allow the iPod to do more when the iPod is asleep.  I just leave my Ipod in airplane mode when I am not using it.  My 4G go excellent batter life with the original iOS (4.1 I think).  I could just let it sleep with wifi one.  However, wtih the resent iOSs, the batteyr would almost completly drain overnight.