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I installed Dixio Desktop for Mac, a "smart" (their word) dictionary app by Semantix. I didn't like it, uninstalled. But the menu context item "Define with Dixio" just sticks to the system, i.e. it appears almost everywhere I can pull a context menu out of. I tried every method, reinstalled, uninstalled with TrashMe, AppRemover but it just didn't work. I also tried the tip to look into service folder to look for this particular item but there's nothing related in there.


Any one can help this desperate soul out here? Any hint would be greatly appreciated!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Are you sure you installed all of it?  Look in your ~/Library/Services directory (and /Library/Services ?) directory for anything related to that stuff.


    At any rate, in the Finder, Services menu, Services Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts tab, look for the contextual item "Define with Dixio" and uncheck it if it is there.

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    Thank you for your advice. I tried but nothing there which was related to Dixio app. And in Keyboard Shortcuts tab there is no "define with dixio" item. Not sure about "Finder, Service menu, Services Preferences" though. Can you explain more about this?

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    While in finder click the Finder menu.


    You will see a Services (hierarchical) menu, select that.


    In the Services (sub)menu you will see Services Preferences... menu item.  Click that.


    A window opens which shows two tabs at the top; Keyboard and Keyboard Shortcuts.  Click Keyboard Shortcuts.


    You will see two panes, left and right.  Click Services in the left pane.


    After clicking Services on the left you will see a list of checkboxes under different categories on the right.  I'm not sure under which category your "Define with Dixio" would be listed.  Maybe Text or General but look through all of them.


    If you find your "Define with Dixio" uncheck it.

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    It worked. omg. after months of having this anoying contextual item i now finally got rid of it. Thanks so much!

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    You're welcome.


    Of course you realize that this begs the question, if you uninstalled that stuff why was there still a service defined?  It might be a simple case that the uninstaller (was there one or did you do it "manually") didn't correct the services preferences.  But as long as you're happy...

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    Dear Dixio user:


    The Semantix Support Department explains how to remove the Dixio Desktop extensions after the application is deleted:

    • Open a “Finder” window, click on the left on the machine’s main hard disk (it is normally right at the top in “Devices”).
    • Open the “Library” folder and then “Contextual Menu Items”. In that folder, delete the “DD2Ctxt2.plugin” file.
    • In “Library”, open the “Services” folder and delete the “DDService4” file.
    • Then either end the user session and log in again or reboot. The process is now complete.


    If the above did not solve your problem, please let us know so that we can help you. We are constantly working to improve Dixio Desktop and are grateful for constructive comments from our users.


    We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.


    The Dixio Team

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    Thanks for the help.


    I would suggest to build an uninstalling package for Mac to make the process a little less painful.

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    Same problem here. Thanks semantix, that solve the problem.