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From the menu bar at the top of OS I can't enable the bluetooth to interact with my bluetooth track pad.


The Bluetooth won't enable under system preferences > Apple wireless trackpad > I can see the wireless device on left but it will not turn on.


Under advance,

The following is ticked

open bluetooth setup assistant when no input is present

Allow bluetooth devices to wake computer

Prompt for incoming audio requests


(Share my internet connection with other devices is not ticked)


Serial ports that devices use to connect to this computer Bluetooth-PDA-Sync type Modem.


Nothing else is listed.


Mac Book Pro

2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

4Gb 1067 Mhz


Apple Bluetooth Software Version:          2.4.5f3

  Hardware Settings:

  Address:          00-25-00-60-59-4E

  Manufacturer:          Broadcom

  Firmware Version:          v180 c368

  Bluetooth Power:          Off

  Discoverable:          Yes

  Vendor ID:          0x5ac

  Product ID:          0x8213

  HCI Version:          4 (0x4)

  HCI Revision:          368 (0x170)

  LMP Version:          4 (0x4)

  LMP Subversion:          8628 (0x21b4)

  Requires Authentication:          No


  Bluetooth File Transfer:

  Folder other devices can browse:          ~/Public/Drop Box

  Requires Authentication:          Yes

  State:          Enabled

  Bluetooth File Exchange:

  Folder for accepted items:          ~/Downloads

  Requires Authentication:          No

  When other items are accepted:          Ask

  When PIM items are accepted:          Ask

  When receiving items:          Prompt for each file

  State:          Enabled

  Devices (Paired, Favorites, etc):


  Name:          iPhone

  Address:          04-1e-64-bc-ae-1a

  Type:          Smartphone


  Paired:          No

  Favorite:          Yes

  Connected:          No

  Manufacturer:          Cambridge Silicon Radio (0x4, 0x12e9)


  Name:          AppleWirelessTrackpad

  Address:          d8-a2-5e-fb-2b-5a

  Type:          Trackpad

  Firmware Version:          0x160

  Services:          Apple Wireless Trackpad

  Paired:          Yes

  Favorite:          No

  Connected:          No

  Manufacturer:          Apple (0x3, 0x31c)

  Vendor ID:          0x5ac

  Product ID:          0x30e


  Name:          gavanbright’s mouse

  Address:          00-14-51-c1-fe-ba

  Type:          Mouse

  Firmware Version:          0x200

  Services:          Mighty Mouse

  Paired:          Yes

  Favorite:          No

  Connected:          No

  Manufacturer:          Broadcom (0x2, 0x314)

  Vendor ID:          0x5ac

  Product ID:          0x30c

  Incoming Serial Ports:

  Serial Port 1:

  Name:          Bluetooth-PDA-Sync

  RFCOMM Channel:          3

  Requires Authentication:          Yes

  Outgoing Serial Ports:

  Serial Port 1:


  Name:          Bluetooth-Modem

  RFCOMM Channel:          0

  Requires Authentication:          No







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