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When trying to sync my iPad some of my iTunes movies won't sync and be available in iPad "videos" (while some will).  They are the most recent and are checked to be downloaded (I have tried all options) but they will not sync at all.  They have previously been synced and played correctly on the same iPad.  I have recently upgraded my Mac to Lion but cannot think of any other changes. I do get an error message after sync saying:"some of your photos, including the photo “IMG_0036.JPG”, were not copied to the iPad “....... iPad” because they cannot be displayed on your iPad."

iPad, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    For the photos, deleting the photo cache from the computer has worked for some people - the location of the cache, and how to delete it, is on this page http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1314


    For the movies are they not syncing, or just not showing up in the Videos app ? i.e. does the number in Settings > General > About > Videos, or the amount of space taken up by videos shown on the bottom of the device's Summary tab on your computer's iTunes, indicate that they are on the iPad ?

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    Thanks for the photo advice - will try that.


    I have just resolved the video syncing issue but to answer your question, they were not reflected at all in the summary of space on the iPad i.e. even if checked to sync they showed no increase in GB usage. 


    The solution was that even they showed correctly in iTunes/Library/Movies, they were not "checked" in the iTunes/Store/Purchased folder - once I checked them there they then synced correctly. I was just randomly looking through everything and just found this by chance.

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    How do you mean "checked" in the iTunes/Store/Purchased folder?

    Is this actually in the iTunes store ("new") section or the sidebar in iTunes?

    The movies show up in my Purchased folder. But No movies at all show up in the store's purchased folder.


    How do I "check" them.


    4 of my 7 movies will sync, so why can't I get the others that I just downloaded to load?

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    In the sidebar of iTunes the secions are Library , Store, Genuis, Playlists.  Under STORE / Purchased there are boxes you can "tick" against each item (video/song) - these must be ticked to sync correctly to iPad.  This corrected my syncing issues but if your movies are "ticked/checked" then it must be another issue.

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    This is what worked for me:


    (5 hours later.)




    Thanks for your suggestions!