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As the title suggests I got this issue which is annoying because it is causing high inactive memory & this obstacles all the rest . Means I must do 2-3 times a day repair permissions with Disk Utility .

Group differs on “Library/Preferences/com.apple.alf.plist”;

It gets repaired & then all over again . So far I could not find a solution . I have already sent feedback to Apple .

That's all folks , if anyone knows how to handle this it would be nice , at least until there is an official response .

Thank you , have a nice day .

2.16 intel core 2 duo imac5.1, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2,5GBmemory
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    apple has a list of repair permissions that are safe and can be ignored: 




    try that page.

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    Seen that but it is not resolving my issue of high inactive memory which causes other functions to stall

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    Ok , after some uses of the Disk Utility , today , this issue did not appear in the results . So I guess it has been resolved . Good .

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    I actually have this all the time. com.apple.alf.plist is always repaired whenever Disk Utility repairs permissions.


    I also came across somewhere that it was included in the solution for a problem about iTunes requesting permission to access internet everytime it is launched. And I had that issue as well. (iTunes asks for my permission for internet access everytime I launch it.) And the solution proposed for this included the deletion of this "com.apple.alf.plist" regarding a firewall issue. Although I deleted the file, Disk Utility still repairs this file (though iTunes haven't yet asked for internet permissions.) everytime I run the permission repair.


    I suppose there has got to be a solution to keep the file stable, like without causing the repair.


    Not a big issue, as mentioned in the thread title; but still, this may be the cause or result of something going on in the computer; so any suggestions are welcome.



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    The file is a preference list which will be recreated as needed by the program that owns it.  Deleting plist files will sometimes correct odd problems, but it has become rarer for that to be the case. That particular entry is not in the list of things to safely ignore, so it could have been a permission problem that was preventing something from using the file. Or, it could have been corrupt.


    Note that not all of those things will be repaired with Repair Permissions. While it says it repaired those things, they are not actually repaired as there is nothing to repair. Entries such as <something> differs on ... are usually not "repaired" as the Repair Permissions routine has no idea what to do with them. It is just noting that it found something it didn't understand. In the case of the alf plist, it could have been the incorrect group or it could have just been corrupt. Either way, Repair Permissions wasn't going to have any effect on the file.