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Hi, I have a problem with my iPod touch 4th Gen which i bought it 2 months ago, recently it has no sound!!! Yes, the main and vivid feature!! I just can hear the sounds from "settings---->sounds" but I can't hear anything from the musics, movies, keyboard that I always used! It just has sounds sometime that I connect it to my laptop (syncing with iTunes) and such irregular times that I have no idea about! Everything which were audible before, it is not now! I read forums and some people said that it is because of the hot weather, so it will be fixed by putting it into the freezer !!! and some other guys told to install "sdsettings" from Cydia and it will temporarily become alright! (i don't use jailbroken system at all), some people were suggesting to squeeze the right corner of the screen, some other told to blow it out, I don't have any idea about the problem and what to do!!, I just ask u to help me please,

P.S: i have to also say that, i have found another symptom from it, when i put the headphones into the port, it looks like there is a loose connection, because when i whirl it around the pin, the sound becomes noisy, and when i suddenly remove the headphones i just see "no volume available" at the bottom of the screen



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