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Basically the title, but it seems that after several hours, my Time Capsule (1st gen) will just amber out. I can still do things locally and I'll get a 'double NAT' warning. That's all fixed once I unplug and replug in the TC, for a while that is.Then eventually, it'll 'get tired' and just amber out with the same warning. Basically, it's fast becoming very difficult to keep a working rythym since it's constantly going down (when green, throughput is great - 5MB in from the WAN and full(ish) gigabit ethernet locally). It's on a plant ledge with plenty of air flow and it doesn't ever seem TOO hot (just warm) so I doubt it's an overheating issue, but who knows.


Anyway, who knows?


Time Capsule 1st Gen., Mac OS X (10.6.8)