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Hey guys. I am 14 years old and have a passion for Video editing and movie makeing. Currently i am using my IMac to make videos for my schools Morning announcement program. What i was wondering is if it is possible to record what is going on on the computer screen (for example record video of World of Warcraft). Also if it is possible to record directly onto the computer from an outside source, for example a Xbox. (i figured that recording these would give me something fun to mess with and work on my skills without having to have a bunch of my friends come over and act for me)

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    Chuckarthy, I am not to sure about this but, I think what you are trying to do requires Quicktime Pro which is not free. Do you already have QT Pro?

    Suggest you crosspost over at the QuickTime Forum to confirm where the Quicktime users hang out. They should be able to help you out.

    Also, the iMove Forums may be of some use to you also.

    You seem to have the video down pact. Congrats to ya. Enjoy & good luck.
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    Hey Chuckarthy!

    There are numerous applications that enable you to 'Screencast' your desktop. A personal favourite of mine is 'Display Eater' http://www.reversecode.com/displayEater/displayeater.html which is perfect and is on $15

    Hope this helps
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    Chuckarthy, Welcome to the discussion area!

    Snapz Pro X is the premier utility for capturing activity on the screen.

    ...for example record video of World of Warcraft...

    Most games override any thing else and won't allow you to capture screen shots.

    Also if it is possible to record directly onto the computer from an outside source, for example a Xbox.

    If your mini-DV camcorder has digital pass through, you can pipe the video from the Xbox into your mini-DV camcorder and out via Firewire to iMovie on your iMac.
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    As for capturing screen video of a video game, I'm not familiar with WoW but if you can play that game in a window, you should be able to use Snapz Pro X as Duane suggested. I know DOOM 3 can be played in a window. If WoW can't be played in a window, you're probably out of luck.

    Eric S.

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