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Hello, I regularly access a website called Briefing.com of which I am a registered member. I access this web site from three different systems. On two of my systems when I have log in and check the Remember Me login checkbox my computer automatically logs me back in whenever I revisit the website. However I have a newly purchased Mac Pro running Lion which requires that I re-enter my login information every time I visit the web site. When I log in to Briefing.com on my Mac Pro I make sure to check the Remember Me check box but for some reason I am not being remembered. I checked my cookies list and a cookie for Briefing.com is present. I tried deleting the Briefing.com cookie and then re-entering my login info, this created a new cookie but I am still not being remembered on subsequent logins. Every other website I log into works as regards the Remember Me function. This started to occur when I installed Lion, when I was running Snow Leopard this was not a problem. I have checked my cookie settings and I am set to accept cookies from sites I visit. Does anybody have any ideas on how I might resolve this problem? Sincerely, George

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)