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My home key has started to become "sticky", in other words, it takes several tries to get it to work. I usually have to depress it two full times, sometimes more to get it to respond.


This actually happened to my original iPhone too. But it still works fine.


But on the iPhone 4, it's starting to get annoying. Since I bought this in June of last year, I'm assuming that I've got no warrant recourse here. There is also evidence of it having been dropped, so who knows if Apple would cover it anyway.


But is this a KNOWN ISSUE with the home button? I find it odd that both my original iPhone and the iPhone 4 have started to exhibit the exact same symptoms at about the exact same time in their life cycle ... And either way, anybody know how I can resolve it (besides buying an iPhone 5)?

  • Roger Barre Level 2 (240 points)

    Hi Woodwyn, I've been having the same problem, on and off.  Here's what I've learned:


    When this is happening, and hitting the Home key doesn't seem to work, I have to find the "sweet spot" to make it work.  Sometimes it's just a little above and to the left, sometimes below and to the right.  Just keep pushing on the edges of the button, all the way around until you find the spot that works.  Then, once it's working, hit it there over and over - it'll keep switching between Spotlight and your Home Screen.  That shows you you;ve worked out whatever kink was keeping it stiff.


    I can usually go a few weeks before it happens again.  On my last trip to the Apple Store, they told me if it's happening and I can duplicate it in the store, they'll just swap it out right there for me.  But the problem has to be happening while I'm there to demonstrate it.  So if you're near an Apple Store when it sticks, don't search for the sweet spot ... just let it be, take it, show them it doesn't work and they should swap it out.  But, as always, make sure you've backed up your iPhone on your last sync with iTunes.


    Hope this helps.