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I am using iCal on Lion, via MobileMe and I am hoping someone can help me.


The search function is not functioning too well, we track all client appointments as their full name.


If I search for a particlular name, it returns some of the calendar appointments, but not all.


iCal in Lion now highlights the events with the same name and I can click through the weeks and see the events it has missed.


Some of these events are from my calendars created on MobileMe and some are from subscribed calendars (via coleague's MobileMe accounts)


There seems to be no pattern.


I have tried:


deleting the cache folder,

deleting the iCal plist,

reindexing via Spotlight (both the events (off then on) and then putting the whole HD into privacy

adding a new account via the new @mail/iCal tab in System Prefs and

adding a new account via iCal prefs.

adding a new user account and adding the accounts in that account.


With no joy, with one exception. If I change the event slightly (moving it to another time), it then shows up in search.


Does anyone have any suggestions as manually fixing approximately 100+ sessions a week is not going to be too productive!


Many thanks!

iCal, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Update: I have downloaded a trial version of BusyCal, which finds all the correct events.


    Still would prefer to find a solution to my iCal search issue though.

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    Same problem here, some events are not showing up.This is a serios problem for me. I use the search method for counting my houres so I can bill my customers, so this me heve cost me a lot of money! I am going to trying BusyCal. Thanks for the tip!

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    I have iCal 5.0.1 on an iMac running Lion 10.7.2

    When the iCloud feature became active in the latest update of Lion, I noticed all my events were duplicated within the calendar. I deleted the account that was my local hard drive, and left only the iCloud account. This removed the duplicates, but now I find I have the same issue as both of you.


    I have weekly music students, performances, etc. I tried doing a search for a particular name that should show up 5 times, yet, this event doesn't show up at all, even though I'm on the actual calendat page were the name is right there. Another search for aa different person who has 4 events, only shows up in results twice.


    After searching on this issue, and read about Spotlight privacy settings and then deleting, others suggesting to remove plist, and a few other suggestions, I haven't found the solution to this particular issue we have of only having partial (incomplete) search results. I'll keep searching for a solution.



    In God's Harmony

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    Sorry for the typos, but now I can't even find th option to EDIT or DELETE my posts.

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    I have the same exact issue like rawsaxy:


    I have many events with the same words in them (private lesson).

    In the Seach Field I will type "private lesson" but iCal only shows 8 events instead of showing all 65 (past, present and future).


    This is very frustrating. I can be in a Monthly View where I see 12 events with the "private lesson" word in it but searching only pulls up 8 of them.


    Any ideas on a fix???

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    I actually called Apple Support on this issue a few days after my post. I was then transferred to the Apps department. After 2 hours of going through different possible solutions, we ended up taking screen shots and submitting logs on this issue. They were able to reproduce the same issue on several systems. I was told it was being sent to the engineers/programmers for a fix in the next update to iCal. They had not had anyone contact them before with this issue.


    My suggestion to everyone in these forums is to first, do as we usually do, and try to find a solution among ourselves. But, when that doesn't work for anyone, we really need to start calling in to Apple Support to at least start asking to officially file a complaint. Once enough phone calls go in with the same issue(s), they will know this is not just an isolated problem. I have not had any problems with Apple Support or their willingness to try to help and find a solution. There are times when a solution is not possible or available, and that's when the calls need to come in, if not, they usually aren't aware that the problem exists, or that it is affecting so many people.

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    I've had the same problem since I switched to Lion and had hoped that iCloud would take care of it. As we know, it didn't. I just got off the phone with Apple Support. I was also told that they had not heard of this problem before, but two tech guys replicated it on their calendars. I will get a call back this Monday (April 2) with an update.  rawsaxy is correct: the more people who call, the faster the issue will get solved. This seems to be a problem that affects small service businesses the most.

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    I have the same problem. Just posting here in case any Apple employees read the forum.  iCal search does not work AT ALL now since the last Lion update. 


    Additionally, I am having upcoming appointments evaporate from my calendars.  VERY disturbing.  Calendar is the absolutely most important thing for me on my iPhone and now I can not count on it.


    Here is a question I posted over in the iCloud forum.  But I am now thinking this whole thing is a Lion issue.


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    As I stated before, you really need to call Apple Support to officially file a complaint on this issue.

    Please, do not rely on thinking that the appropriate Apple employee is going to read these posts. That is not the way things work. This is a site for users to help one another, not a site where Apple employees are reading our posts to solve our issues.

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    rawsaxy is absolutely correct. When I spoke with the support staff, I was told that the more calls they get, the more likely they'll implement a solution quickly.

    When I received the promised return call from support last Monday, I learned that while they are aware of this particular problem, there 'may' be a solution in an update. Nothing specific though. Please, please call and let support know that this makes many iCal users unhappy, especially small service business owners.

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    @rawsaxy - Enjoy it while you can!  If your unit is out of warrenty you cannot use Apple Support.  However, to anyone who does have a Mac and iPhone out of warrenty - if you call Apple Support and just keep asking for a representative instead of entering a serial number you will eventually get to a live person.  Tell them you are just calling so they can document the issue.


    Also, the Apple tech says to enter info at:




    They divide it by product so you will have to enter it in all the different places (MacPro, iPhone, and iCloud for me).


    The tech says the engineers do read the feedback section so the info will get to them.