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I recently purchased a new hard drive for my macbook pro and restored my system to the new disc via a Time Machine backup of the old disc. Everything worked fine and my mac is running faster than ever thanks to the new drive


I just recently realized, however, that by using this method of restoration, the Lion recovery partition that was created during my first install is gone. This is probably due to it being a hidden partition that disc utility on my install disc was unable to recreate.


I verified that the partition is missing by downloading the new recovery tool that Apple released a few days ago. It failed to work because the partiton could not be found.


My question is if anyone else has realized this issue and if there is a solution. Is it possible to recreate the partition without going through an archive-and-reinstall routine? In my opinion this is a bit of a blunder by Apple as it renders Time Machine usless.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)