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Hi all,


Just curious if anyone had innovative solutions to the problem of late bedtime reading on the iPad leading to insomnia. It's been a topic in the news for a couple months, with the iPad giving off a lot of blue light, which can affect melatonin and sleep patterns. I searched the Apple Discussions but didn't see any on this topic. Off course, the search term "sleep" leads to many different kinds of discussions.


For the Mac there's f.lux, which adjusts your screen colors to remove blue light at night, but not much that I've seen for iPad.  Some websites recommend orange glasses (to block the blue). I'm thinking Zagg should produce some orange plastic screen shields that could be easily applied at night. 


A couple relevant news articles: t/ipad-could-cause-insomnia-researchers-say/



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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