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Kendall Dunkelberg Level 1 (30 points)

I'm having migration issues with a new MacBook Pro and an account migrated from a Powerbook G4 running OS 10.5.8. On the new computer, when I am in an account created for the new Macbook, the trackpad works as expected. When I am in the migrated account, the trackpad has only minimal functionality. Clicks work. Scrolling and gestures do not. As this is my main data account (and the other is just for trouble-shooting), it's a bummer not to have the full trackpad.


Some history. The old computer had SideTrack 1.6 installed to operate its trackpad with scrolling. It won't work on Lion, and I have uninstalled this and restarted after migration. Unfortunately, that didn't help. The only other non-apple System Preferences panes are Flip4Mac and Growl.


Any suggestions of what I might do to restore full trackpad functionality?