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Yesterday, my computer sent me an advice telling that I should delete some itens from my Boot Disk, because it was almost full. So, I decided to clear my Trash, but (I don't know why and how) my iPhoto Library was inside it and it was gone forever with all my photos.


Well, I was calm because I thought I had it saved in my external HD, because of Time Machine (I have a MacBook Pro OS X Snow Leopard 10.6). So, when I went there, I've found all my other files, except my photos. The lastest Backup with my iPhoto complete was from August 2010.


I have tried to make Backups directly from the iPhoto and it didn't work out. Then, I tried to use the program "Find any file" and looked up for my iPhoto Library (Library6.iPhoto) and the only result was my empty iPhoto again. So I tried to make a backup of that old iTunes (August 2010) from my external HD, but, when I saw, it was also deleted because of a new actualization of my HD that occurred meanwhile.


What shoulsd I do to recover my iPhoto library from my External HD?

Is there any other way to recover also all my recent photos?


Please, help me! I am completely desperate!





iPhoto '08, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    How are you looking for your iPhoto library backup? The way to do that with Time Machine is to launch TM and in the resulting window(looks like a finder window) going back to the time you want to restore, selecting the iPHoto library (it is a single entity - you can not restore pieces of it) and clicking restore




    You must have aminimum of 10 GB of free space on your boot drive after restoring the iPhoto library - how much free space do you have?



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    I have 30 Gb of free space and have done exactly what you said about TM, but when I open the recovered iPhoto it doesn't have anything. The only iPhoto with my pictures that I could recover yeasterday was from an old backup from August 2010. But it was replaced by my lastest backup (yesterday).

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    You mayt need to go to the TM forum since your issue appears to be with TM - not iPhoto -


    As a note - TM does not overwrite backups as it updates - with TM you can go back to any time that is in the TM backup - as it runs out of space it notifies you and deletes the oldest files