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Using Aperture 3.1.3 on an iMac with SSD and HDD.  Snow Leopard.  Library is on SSD.  My iPad is plugged into the Mac.


When I choose "Import", I can see two sources.  The Mac and the iPad.  No surprise there!


If I choose the Mac and drill down to a folder of images, I can choose any destination.  Like a new project or by clicking on an existing one, choose it.


Here is the problem.  If I try to import from the iPad, the destination says "New Project" and I can't change it, it is dimmed.


And the project name is "Untitled Project" and is also dimmed, so I can't change that.


Down the bottom next to the "Import Checked" button, it says "Import 10 files into a new project named "Jul 02, 2011""


That July date (not today's date) is also shown at the top of the panel where the iPad's images are displayed.


How can I get Aperture to let me choose where the import will go?

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