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Hello community. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Buffalo Technology LinkStation Live 1.0TB. i'm currently looking for a NAS that is inexpensive, will work with Time Machine and will show up in Finder like Dropbox does or can be mounted like NFS. I'm aware of the Lion Time Machine issues with this NAS, as i've read the amazon reviews. I like the ability to hook up another external drive via usb. Can anyone who has used this NAS let me know if there is a way to mount it or to be able to see it like iDisk or Dropbox? I know it uses FTP and I could probably get it to work with CyberDuck, but has anyone tried this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I purchased the 2TB Linkstation Duo which is pretty similar, and though it's not perfect, I like it a lot and their service has been great (better than Apple's and better than my ISPs). Transfers go fairly fast (others are faster if that's a priority), it's small and quiet, after a little trouble setting up the sparsebundle the first time Timemachine works great (common problem, info is all over the web on how to create the sparsebundle manually), remote access works great from my iPhone, I have given friends their own folders to back up important things on, and have folders with pictures and music that they have access to see and listen to. Their admin interface is a little slow and clunky and could use some more flexability, but allows you to do most items such as allowing web access to certain folders and restricting permissions...though only at the parent level folder. You can't set permissions on folders within folders. I had some problems with getting my firewall to allow access remotely, I called my ISP, they were no help, called Buffalo and though technically that's not their problem they were very helpful and found a site on the web that contained screenshots of the proper setups for port for all routers and services.

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    Thanks a lot. I'll go ahead and get it based on what you said. Speed is not a necessity for me. I just need Time Machine Capability, a place to put my photos, music and documents, and thats it.

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    This will likely be a bit too late for the original poster, but my experience of Buffalo support has been pretty bad. The current situation with my Linkstation is that they do not consider it a current model and therefore will not release a fix for OS X Lion compatibility, making it useless for Time Machine backups, and I can only access the drive if I turn off access control. The device was still on sale earlier in 2011, so how it can be considered old is beyond me.


    On the up-side, the two Linkstations I own have been reliable up until now. Personally, next time I'll be going with a Synology NAS.

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    I bought the stupid NAS and it's been sitting in the room for at least 6 months without use. Supposedly the firmware crashed and there is no way to fix it with a Mac, has to be a Windows machine. To be honest, I hate that thing. I don't know if it is worth my time to try and fix it. I don't have a Windows machine either. I will never recommend a Buffalo NAS to anyone.