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I've been a devotee, a DB Devotee at that, since ClarisWorks 2.1, successfully migrating and upgrading this great little suite as my 'puters and their OS's got faster and supposedly better. The various posts here and around convinced me 6.2.9 could and would run on Snow Leopard but mine won't. Yet. I am determined it shall.


I had to do an Erase and Install, with manual transfer of my old files from a Carbon Copy Cloner disk image of the complete old Tiger System and files. I thought I'd moved everything carefully and properly, but the AW icon shows the dreaded 'No Go' symbol and the machine tells me it's incompatible with this system (even though I selected Rosetta as part of the install, then did another Custom Install of Rosetta alone) The GetInfo window on other old apps does how an 'Open w/ Rosetta' checkbox, but not for AW).


Besides all those plists and Application Support files, I've got my original ClarisWorks Office Install disk (CW5), and various semi-unlocatable, archived updaters that got me thru PPC's and OS's up to 10 and into AW up to 6.2.9, but I can't believe they'd be any use. However that disk image of The Old Install That Worked is still locked and available.


Can anyone point me to a Guide for Migrants sort of summary of what individual AW files to take, and where to pack them in their new home, or suggest a step I might have missed for my next try?


Thank you all for your generous help in the past, to all who came asking, and to all like me who lurked and learned. That is the spirit that builds civilizations, for all their brilliance, and for all we need them as well, the software and hardware guys are just giving you tools. I hope that wasn't too valedictory, because I do intend to keep using AW. And needing advice, and wanting to say, "Thank you".

McBk w/10.6.8, QkSlvrG4 w/10.3,10.4
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    You need at least AppleWorks 6.2 (late 2001 or so) to install on an Intel Mac. Before then the installer required OS 8 or 9 which cannont run on an Intel Mac or in Leopard or Snow Leopard. You cannot update any version of ClarisWorks or AppleWorks 5 to AppleWorks 6, you must purchase AppleWorks 6.


    If you do have an early installer for AppleWorks 6, you can install it on your G4 QuickSilver & then update it then copy the whole AppleWorks 6 folder from Applications to an Intel Mac. I recommend burning the folder to a CD so that you will have a copy of the updated app to reinstall if needed. You can then copy the whole folder to Applications on the new Mac. To keep within the Apple software license, you need to remove the copy from the old Mac.



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    Thank you so much Peggy. Two supplementaries, if I may: 1) So it is only the Appleworks folder in Applications that I need to copy over to the new machine, and not any of the various Preferences and Applications Support subfolders in various Libraries? Since I did attempt to copy them, I'd assume that accounts for the failure of my first copy/install.  2) Is there any reason not to simply copy that Appleworks folder (and nothing else) from the back-up clone of my Intel MacBook where it used to run productively in Tiger before this? Or is it the case that the new OS will want to do it's own Rosetta-ing?


    I appreciate your reminder about the license condition and will comply. I am however dreading the search for the AW6 installer. Finding the one for version 5 was already freakishly lucky.

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    The only thing you need is the AppleWorks 6 folder in Applications. Do not move any of the preferences except the Button Bar preferences. Since you did that is most likely the cause of the failure. The only other thing you might want is any templates & clippings you may have created or saved. Those should be in the AppleWorks User Data folder in your documents folder. But you definitely don't want the Recent Items folder.



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    Okay, that clarifies what I must do. Thank you once again, Peggy. I hope this little mini-scare is the impetus I need to deal with my 'archive' of old AW DB documents before I cannot access them in any form.