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This is a really annoying feature.  After the last iTunes update, whenever I add a folder to my iTunes library, it adds a playlist for EVERY album it finds.  If I add a folder that has 1000 albums in it, iTunes creates 1000 playlists.  And, I have to go in and delete each playlist manually!  How do I disable this "feature" so that iTunes does NOT add a playlist for every album?

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    I've had the exact same issue. Has Apple provided any answers on this?

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    iTunes has taken to building playlists (and starting to play them) from any .m3u files it finds while importing media folders. It isn't clear yet whether this behavior is supposed to be a new "feature" or has been accidentally introduced, but importing folders that contain .m3u files may not give the results you are used to.


    iTunes Folder Watch would work well if your current workflow is to have iTunes scan the media folder for new files, since it only adds the file types you want it to. However if you are specifically adding individual folders then, at least for now, you probably need to remove the .m3u files or edit their extentions before importing.


    On the other hand, if you don't need the playlist files then throw them away. Use the search tool in Windows Explorer to find files of the form *.m3u in your media folders, select them all with Ctrl-A and then delete.



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    That fixed the problem. I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of it myself, but .m3u files are so irrelevant that I almost forgot they existed.


    It'd still be nice if iTunes fixed the problem in the software, but this workaround is much appreciate.