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After the recent Vimeo update.  I can access iTunes Movies, TV Shows, etc. but I can't sign into iTunes, I get a message saying "Can't sign into iTunes because Apple TV can't get the network time."  Further AppleTV keeps flashing back and forth from being connected to Wifi and not connected, it's not our network, 5-10 other devices are working rock solid.


Any ideas if there is a known bug with the latest update?

AppleTV 2
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,926 points)

    Not to my knowledge. There may be some experiencing issues, but it isn't the norm. Have you tried rebooting the device? It could be wifi interference that's causing issues. Are you able to try ethernet?

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    Yes I've rebooted the device several times.  I'm not able to try Ethernet where it's located, but I would be surprised if it were interferrence because it has been working flawlessly in the same location for weeks.  Plus I can access other content in the device without issue, previews of movies, TV shows, etc. but I can't purchase them because it won't accept my Apple ID... throws an error message about the Time.  Can't access Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, etc.


    I'm a software developer and this feels like a buggy roll out of an update...

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    Like I said there are some experiencing issues, but it doesn't seem to be the norm. Have you rebooted the router? Maybe try a restore to ATV. Beyond that, maybe someone else will have a suggestion.