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This in more of a nuissance than a straight up problem. Wondering if anyone else experiences this.


I have a two story house which requires separate upstairs and downstairs wi-fi networks to get good signal strength. Passwords to both are of course stored in the phone. When I go from one floor to the other, the phone stays connected to the 1st network despite struggling along with one bar while a 5 bar network is available to it. I have to manually go through settings to switch networks.


My Macbook is smart enough to choose the strongest network when I go between floors. Do iPhones just not do this?


Alternatively, is there a way to merge both floors' networks into one somehow?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    Usually iphone or even mac joins a previously known network automatically. I have not seen my mac switch automatically from one to another unless it drops the weak one due to signal strength.


    Yes, you can extend your wifi through the house making it just one network. Not sure what routers etc you are using but for Apple's airport networks, you can take look at this http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/Apple_AirPort_Networks_Early2009.pdf

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    That's what I'm hoping the iPhone would do. When the signal strength of one known network drops and another rises (e.g. going from upstairs to downstairs), I wish it would switch to the stronger one automatically. Does it cling to the original network as long as there's some shred of a signal?

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    jdj74 wrote:

    Does it cling to the original network as long as there's some shred of a signal?


    Yes. The iPhone's WiFi is not as sophisticated as the Airport card in your Mac. You should extend your network rather than have two networks.

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    Too bad. I find that the iPhone does the same thing with 3G. It would rather struggle with one bar of 3G signal rather than switch to a better performing Edge signal.