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hey everybody


i went on vacation to my father's beach house and brought my ipad, i am very very careful about all personal information and security...


he has a comcast connection and had a secure WEP password, it was a comcast three in one, phone, tv and internet router


anyways last night, i put the ipad into sleep mode at 1am (which i do all the time at home, never had a problem), locked the doors to the house and went to bed with the ipad in the night stand drawer next to my bed. only my wife and i were in the house...all week.


i wake up this morning and turn on my 64gb/3G 1st gen ipad (running 4.3) at 11am. i entered my 4 DIGIT PASSCODE to unlock the ipad and i click the safari app in the dock and 9 pages of history automatically opened up to sites i had never been to. so then i checked safari history and there were about 150 web pages visited, most notable,


so freaking out, i check my email and sadly someone had ordered around $8,373.00 through my account... they ordered android tablets, macbook pros, videos, cameras, kindles, etc. with everything shipped to my home address. the confirmation emails started coming from amazon at 8:15am-10:45am, just before i checked the iPad at 11am.


how could this happen? has anyone had an experience like this? or know what i am talking about?


i then drove immediately to my cousins house 2 miles away and changed all my passwords to EVERYTHING on my cousins hard-wired laptop NOT my ipad that was compromised....i also notified all 3 credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on my wifes and my social security numbers .... that they would have to call me before opening new credit cards, etc.


i then called the police and had them come out and note the incident, i changed all banking passwords, canceled my credit cards, revoked all bunk amazon charges and changed my password to changed my ebay, paypal, facebook, etc...


******** here's the kicker... Apple iPad Applecare rep said it had to be a close job ... someone had to get within 50-100 feet of comcast router and do it from there...


********SO RIGHT AS MY WIFE AND I LEAVE --- this kid walks down our barren vacation road, with a PC laptop OPEN in his hands, looking at it ....i asked what he was doing and he said going to his grandparents to use the internet, i said why is your laptop open, if you are just carrying it ??? and did he know that my router was broken into and my accounts hacked?? he looked young.


he acted so suspicious, so i called the police on him, he was walking around the neighborhood with the laptop open going up to houses and in back of them..... the police said his parents claimed he was going to his grandparents to use the internet, he was a minor... this is SOOO SUSPICIOUS!!!!


could he have hacked my ipad this morning??? from walking up to houses?? i mean 9 ipad windows were passcode was bypassed and $8300 was ordered from my account.


i left vacation and drove 2 hours home immediately after, i stopped by the genius bar at the Apple Store tonight and they ran diagnostics and looked at me like i was crazy... they had never heard of what i said before .....


they said i had really "low memory" cause there were a ton of Apps running... but when the genius double clicked my home tab, only, safari and mail were open. why was this??? were there Apps running in the background? could someone put a hidden App on my ipad?? my ipad is not jailbroken... could i test it somehow to see if it was??


I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!! Apple Genius and Apple ipad Support and Care tossed me out like a wet towel.. said i could do whatever and that the Comcast network was probably compromised ... Comcast in turn is blaming Apple, that i probably downloaded an unsafe App months ago that had a keylogger on it and they waiting 6 months to nail all my accounts...


what should i do? is there anything you can think of??? i have not connected the iPad to my 3G network from AT&T nor my home WIFI... i also deleted about 30 apps i don't use in casae they had a keylogger, but i didnt think ipad had a keylogger unless it was jailbroken, mine is not.


or do you think my ipad was keylogged??? what apps could do this?? i got rid of Skype, Spotify, cause it sent my a security / virus email.... im so upset and dont know where to begin, any help would be MUCH MUCH appreciated and good karma comes back 10X fold... any ideas or anything would help.


i have to go to bed after this tragic long 13 hour miserable day ....


thanks for your help, smitt

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