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I received a Magic Mouse for Christmas. Something I have noticed about my Magic Mouse is how often it goes through batteries. It seems I am replacing batteries every other week. Well, it gets worse. I had guests for two weeks and my mac sat unused for the entire time. When I returned to the Mac, to my horror the batteries had leaked. I tried to clean up the goop that leaked out, but the battery cover is ruined, eaten almost all through by the acid in the battery.


So now, after 8 months of use, I have to go and buy another mouse.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Well, whatever you do, don't buy that brand of battery again


    It is true, for many people the MM really drains the batteries relatively quickly.  For the amount of daily use I use my machine the average lifetime is about 9 days (I was keeping records of this just to see how long).  I knew, from reading posts on this subject, that the only solution was to use rechargeables.  Even Apple sells a charger but I don't think much of it.


    For rechargables I recommend Sanyo Eneloop's and a descent charger.

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    For the record, the battery that leaked was a Duracell battery - probably popped it in the mouse a month ago. And now the mouse is ruined

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    This just happened to me, also with Duracell batteries.


    Duracell offers a guarantee that if there's a defect in batteries you use that causes damage to electronic items, they'll repair it or replace it for free, if you mail it in with the batteries.  I think I'm gonna do this...


    http://www.duracell.com/en-US/battery-care-disposal.jspx (last paragraph on the page)

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    This just happened to me, but with the original batteries that came with the mouse (Energizer advanced), going to try to get a new one.....

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    This also happened to my "Magic Mouse".    It seems like this was common years/decades ago, but I haven't had another device do this in years.  It also seems like there are a lot of reports of this with this mouse. 


    Is the mouse causing this problem?   Is Apple doing something for people who experience this problem?

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    I had the same problem with Energizer batteries.  It seems like the mouse is the problem, not the batteries.  I called support and they said that they can't do anything because they aren't "Apple" batteries.  Seriously?  They only have a 1 year warranty.  The senior supervisor said that their products are not meant to last more than a year.  They wouldn't even give me a discount on a new mouse.  And they were really rude on the phone.  I would not recommend this mouse to anyone.