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Hi,  I am not to happy with the latest version of Safari, and it has made one problem worse.  When I click on a download link, more often than not, instead of getting a file to download, it opens a new page and appears to be loading the file as raw code.  I will see in the location bar at the top something like:

download.php or FileName.zip, and it cycles a while until the full file is loaded but does not show anything by a blank page...   Before this version I could right click and choose save linked file As and it would usually work, but now that doesn't work.

Anyone else seeing this problem or have a solution?


I have speed downloader but I have it turned off for sites that were problematic, but  Safari doesn' seem to use it anyway, because when it works, it opens a Safari download window, not SD



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Reply by Linc Davis on Aug 14, 2011 12:53 PM Helpful

Quit Safari if it's running. Move the file




in your home folder to the Desktop. Test again. If downloading now works as expected, then that's where the problem lies. Otherwise, it's still somewhere in your Safari settings, but I wouldn't know where. You'd have to ask the "Speed Downloader" developer what to do next.

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