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I thought one of the new imail features in Lion was that you can click on a date in an email and it will create an event in ical.  But every time Ive tried it, it doesnt seem to recognize the correct date.  It recognizes the time but tries to put the ical event on todays date - not the date of the event...(whether it says something like tomorrow or the 17th --- and it's happened with emails Ive gotten from Apple addresses!)...  So Im wondering how it's supposed to work?  Because even when it tries to create an event, it gives me a chance to edit, but I dont seem to be able to edit the date...so its been useless.  It gives me the ability to edit the name of the event but not the date.


Is this working smoothly for other people?  Any suggestions?


The latest example was an email from an Apple employee that said "I can meet with you at 12pm on the 17th."  or "will see you at the workshop at 11am"

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)