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In order to share file from a Lion File Server for window clients.


1. Create a local account on Lion. This account is local to the computer not OD. Do not duplicate the same account on Local and OD!


2. That Local account is just for the file share use only.


3. Server App, File share, find drive and grant read and write for the local user.


4. on your windows machine create a user account with the same credentials that you used on Lion.


Tested and approved my Network.


*If you have a firewall enabled on your windows clients.

If it still does not see Lion Sever Files then turn off the firewall. If it works, and you need to have the services (firewall) enabled then start testing ports.

Allow ports untill you can isolate or if you have SMB port blocked.


Please write back if this works or if you found another way.


*What is my setup?

I have a Windows 2008 R2 Server running Terminal services for my workers. Looking at Mac Mini Mail, File, Ical, Address Book Server.


Remember that Lion does not support PDC, so dont think Domin when creating these accounts. Think Workkgroup



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I forgot to point out that if you rename an account to match Lions local account it wont work. You have to create a new account.


    I dont know why. If some one can answer that that would be good to avoid to recreate a whole new account.

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    I have my lion share points setup.  I also built OD user accounts for all users.  I also build local accounts for all users just so they can access the shares from their windows machines.  I found that this scenario worked great and still allowed me to use permissions from the Server app.  Mapping drives from windows 7 and mac clients worked great with the exception of 1 Windows 7 laptop that is ruining my day.  It won't map a drive for anything.  It keeps saying "the specified network password is not correct" regardless of what credentials I use. 


    Any suggestions?

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    Yes I can verify it works for > XP. One (fairly major) bug for me is opening office documents for anything pre office 2010 from the file server will not work due to the creation of the temp file.  Still looking/waiting for a solution.

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    if you cant access your share and you created a new account to match the local account, then I would look at the ports and your fire wall settings.


    You really need to provide more info to properly help you out.


    Oh and dont do what I did today while trying to add an account I was in OD accounts not local. Very important.

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    Are you saying that if the accounts are build from the server app (OD) and also from system preferences users (local) the windows clients won't be able to map a drive to the share?


    Currently I have users set up in OD & local.  Some can map but others can't.  Should I remove the OD accounts?


    If I remove the OD accounts can I should still be able to use the server app File Sharing area along with Groups to control share access?

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    You cant have the same account name on local and od. Just have the pc user account on local.

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    OD are for Mac users only. Lion does not use smb. So if you have any non lion machines on the network they can access the share files Only if you have a local account on lion.


    For Mac machine keep them on OD.


    Don't use system pref. Do it all from the workgroup manager. If you log in to the workgroup app with the local user account you can access the local accounts. If not look at the right corner at the lock and unlock it with the local credentials.


    If you need to access the workgroups for OD, you must log on with the diradmin credentials, then add the OD users.

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    Thanks for the help.  I have it working.  But, when I created a user from Workgroup Manager when logged in as diradmin it created a OD user which still didn't allow Windows smb connections.  When logged into Workgroup Manager as admin I was not able to create any users.  So, I created all the users in Sys Preferences - Users, then deleted all the OD users from the Server App, then adjusted all my groups in the Server App so that only the local Sys Preferences - Users were in the groups.  Now all windows users are mapping drives fine and only able to access shares that they have access to as given in the Server App.


    Thanks again for taking the time to reply!!