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I recently switched from Entourage to Apple Mail (Lion) in order to take advantage of the upcoming iCloud services. For some crazy reason that I can't figure out, when I delete my messages from gmail, the messages end up reappearing in my inboxes in Mail. The messages are deleted when I check my gmail accounts online, but they keep showing up in Mail.


I am not syncing my mail via mobileme, so that shouldn't be the problem. Any ideas what could be going on??

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    How is the account set up on mail, POP or IMAP? Also, assume you are deleting messages via browser access?

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    Accounts are set up as IMAPs. I can delete the messages via Mail and they disappear on the server as they should. The problem is they REappear in Mail after being deleted, even though they no longer reside on the gmail server.


    Thanks for the help!

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    I have the same issue. Very disconcerting. Honestly I wish I could revert to Snow Leopard mail simpler, mellow form factor and my SEARCH WORKS like crap too


    Please Apple help a brutha out my business and life runs through this stuff... I sent you bug notices ... help

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    Yes I have the same problem on Mac Mini server running Lion. The email that I tried to send had attachments over the gmail limit of 25Mb. I tried to delete the message in the "Recovered Messages" folder, but just does not happen. It reappears, in fact the number of duplicates are growing every time I delete from this folder or the drafts folder. Also I can't receive any more email from my Gmail account using the Lion Mail application. My other devices including Snow Leopard iMax, iPhone and iPad are receiving the email as per my web based Gmail account.


    I hope Apple Support will acknowledge this prblem and fix soon.

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    In Finder, choose the 'Go' menu on the top menu bar, hold down the option key. You should see 'Library' in the menu (if you're holding down the option key). Choose Library, then go to


    Mail > V2 > Mailboxes


    You will probably see some Mailboxes called 'deleted' and 'Recovered Messages'. Have a look in those recovered messages mailbox, what do they contain? If the contain all the messages you're trying to get rid of, just delete the whole Recovered folders (don't worry, Lion will recreate them later, hopefully with nothing in). If they contain nothing except the plist file, try deleting the plist file, quit Mail, and reopen (again, Lion will recreate the plist file automatically so deleting it is harmless).


    Not sure if this will help, but its what I would try first.

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    Finally fixed the problem. I finally deleted my whole Gmail account from my Mac Mini Lion Server and recreated it using system preferences. I did use your suggested method of deleting the whole gmail account under V2 before recreating it. This may have helped, although your original suggestion didn't work.


    All seems to work well now. All email has come back down from the google account (thats the great thing about IMAP accounts).