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Ive just moved into a new property.


I snapped a load of pictures with my iphone to prove the damages present when we moved in.


The agency want these pictures to add to the inventory but they have to be time/date stamped to prove when they were taken.


iPhoto seems to have this information when I click into the photo information.


How can I stamp this info on the photo to prove the date it was taken?


Id rather not use another editing program unless I can batch stamp them all as I have over a hundred shots.

(I have Photoshop Elements if this has a relevant feature)




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    Although this program: http://web.mac.com/spherecorner/shareware/Stamp_Sphere.html

    wont do it automatically it will allow you to put a custom stamp or watermark on your pictures and it can batch process an entire folder.

    I tried it out briefly and it works as advertised and it's free.


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    Thanks 'cintosh - That discussion tells me that iPhoto is unfortunately incapable of time date stamping the photos and that Photoshop Elements is then my next best option.


    Is there a way for me to batch stamp these photos in Elements?  As I mentioned - I have over 100 snaps and would rather not edit each one individually if there's a quicker process...




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    Also just noticed your comment about the useful watermarking program - tried following the link but getting an error saying the page couldnt be found?



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    Try out this site... but it looks a bit dodgy to me. Try looking for this software on the App Store maby?


    Also its windows only... (of course it is!)

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    My question is kind of the opposite... is there a way to stop iPhoto from making your albums/events have the date & time on them?  it's annoying  to no end.  i take trips to Yellowstone for example every year (i seperate them on Picasa/you can make your own watermark with them btw ) while on iPhoto i group them together with ea trip seperated by the park "entrance" pic.

    it's annoying even if i try to adjust the date & time, iPhoto never seems to get it right and it changes after i hit "done".

    i've searched the "help" menu and all the drop down menus but can't find the option where you are able to remove the date/time line..

    any help would be appreciated!!


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    iPhoto gets the date and time from the Exif metadata your camera writes to the fiel when you snap the shot.


    Have you explored other ways of sorting in the View Menu?


    Events and Albums are very different things.






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    thanks for the response

    i never import my images from my camera directly into iPhoto.  I use Picasa you have the option to put a month/year or neither with them on your albums (if you want to see all the information about a specific photo you can go into detail on a seperate screen)  once i have them on there, i export them into iPhoto.

    That is the problem for some reason, maybe the exporting which makes a new folder.  iPhoto thinks these are new photos.  so even when i manually go in to change the dates (along with the original, i always check that box) it won't stick.

    i would prefer to just not have to date line under them or have the option to have the month & yr alone - just more customization i guess...


    yes i know that events  are batches photos  uploaded at a time (usually arranged by date) and albums were your specific albums you arranged.  i just stick to my albums but was using both in case people were more familiar with one or the other...

    and yes, i've tried all the different options as well ..

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    Why are you using both Picasa and iPhoto? Seems an unnecessarily complex workflow. My usual advice would be to pick one horse and ride it.


    I'm not very familiar with Picasa so I don't really understand what you mean by


    the option to put a month/year or neither with them on your albums


    Them? Your Photos? Your Albums in Picasa? If you want iPhoto to see a different date than the one written to the photo by the camera then you'll need to edit the Exif of the shot. Does Picasa do that?


    Other than that I'm afraid I don't really follow your description. You're using 'folder' 'album' and 'event' interchangeably. Sorry about that.






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    I'm sorry I forget to explain very well I assume people follow my train of thought.  Ok, first I'm using Picasa because I have for years and honestly I'm just used to it.  Seems to me that's Picasa is a very simple photo sharing system that most of my friends and family overseas use as well and i've just kind of stuck with it.  Before I began using Macs, as we all know PC's were quite unreliable (high school times) and with Picasa no matter what, you knew that your pictures were always safe.

    iPhoto I use  because with a couple clicks i upload my pics and have what albums I want on my iPhone too, use with mail and other Mac programs.

    What I meant by "you having the option with Picasa whether or not to put dates" was that your uploaded albums (you upload albums as opposed to events in iTunes) do not have a line underneath as in iPhoto events with the day, month and year.

    you have the option to label  albums with a title you see fit i.e. "yellowstone" or "aug 2011".

    While each individual photo has the date / time stamp, camera, type of filter used and all that specific information if you click on the "get info" button.   

    sorry for not explaining very well once again.

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    i still do not understand the procedures for adding a visible date/time stamp to photo.  several of the free download suggestions have not been successful.  please help.

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    There is no way with iPhoto to add a visible date stamp. You'll need an external editor for that.


    In order of price here are some suggestions:


    Seashore (free)

    The Gimp (free)

    Graphic Coverter ($45 approx)

    Acorn ($50 approx)

    Pixelmator ($50 approx)

    Photoshop Elements ($75 approx)


    There are many, many other options. Search on MacUpdate or the App Store.


    You can set Photoshop (or any image editor) as an external editor in iPhoto. (Preferences -> General -> Edit Photo: Choose from the Drop Down Menu.) This way, when you double click a pic to edit in iPhoto it will open automatically in Photoshop or your Image Editor, and when you save it it's sent back to iPhoto automatically. This is the only way that edits made in another application will be displayed in iPhoto.

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    compared to gimp, seashore seemed to be the easier of the two. 


    it looked like an upscale paint program but it had no instructions.  nevertheless i was able to navigate to the exact application i needed to add a visible stamp to my photos using seashore.  it is the text feature marked by the bold, capital T.  the only drawback was the absence of choosing a text color...black only.  however, since the user can place the stamp anywhere on the photo, simply choosing a light spot is a solution


    thank you for the recommendation.  you are semi-awesome.