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The other day I dropped my Iphone in water and within seconds it went dead......Plzzzzzzzzzzz Help

iPhone 4
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    "The other day"  - this may be the game ender.


    1. Don't try to turn in on

    2. Don't try to dry with a hot hairdryer.

    3. Place it in a sealed plastic bag filled with uncooked rice and let it sit for at least 4-5 days.

    4 Take it out of the rice and charge with the AC adaptor.  If it gets very hot, stop charging

    5. If it accepts the charge, try starting it up, but if it's been sitting wet since "the other day", there's high likelihood that it sustained permanent damage.

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    I dropped my iPhone 4 in water n it completely submerged for a couple seconds :( so I put it in rice right away and tried to turn it off, it would turn right back on so i tried to let it die out. I left it for a day- checked it and it was workingok, screen looked water damaged but it would not charge. So I left it in rice for another day and checked it, (after buying a replacement part) plugged it in again and it works fine! So happy, I have only

    Had it for a month and thoughT it was gone. But it is fine now so do not give up hope! Be patient!! And positive :) good luck!