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I'm duffing it badly. Well, it's taking me time to get used to things, the mouse and unexpected files opening. I squeeze my mouse as I think. Screens often suddenly expand. Or I unconsciously flick my fingers about and a window scrolls up-down-left-right & bounces a little. Most of all, I am unnerved by the last file used in an application opens when I use that app again. This happens when the file was not even saved. I use TextEdit as a scribble pad all the time. It surprises me to find my last scribble back on screen. Then there is the wasted time of closing it and wondering where it goes. Then there is the problem I  have with entering a recurring (every other week) task in iCalendar. It appears thee to five times every week. I've started relying on my brain again for appointments. Turns out it works very well.


It's just a matter of getting used to it all again. It takes a little practice. I'll be back on my game again. Will Tiger?


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