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After upgrading to Safari 5, WebKit2WebProcess.exe always closes at the most crucial moments, such as when I'm filling out a form, sending an email, etc. It also sometimes crashes when I use Sibelius Scorch. Is there a possible soultion?



I'm using Windows XP Home Edition 32 bit on Bootcamp.

iMac 21.5", Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Hi, I have the same problem... I tested my PC (as the problem is on my laptop) and Safari 5.1 is fine.. Yes, FINE! Hmm..


    After doing some research, re-installing Safari and ending up every time on this page it dawned on me that the other day I installed Windows Live Essentials (installed only Messenger) and Silverlight. As my PC doesn't have this installed 2+2 made 4 for a change and, well, it looked like it was them causing the problem.


    Soooo, I removed both of these and Safari is back to normal...


    Thank F*&k for that!!!


    Hope this helps as nothing out there told me what was wrong. Just waiting now for Apple and Microsoft to bring an update out to sort this Webkit2WebProcess.exe poo!

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    Looks like one is trying to pull down the other cant do without messenger and safari dont know how to handle this...  why do these big giants want everything for themselves...  if we are okay with msn and use safari as a browser explorer needs to meet upto safari's expectations  ... meaning those using Safari

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    To minimize the problem associated with webkit2web.exe, turn off  "RSS" in Preferences.  Click Preferences -> RSS -> don't check "Automatically update articles in" both "bookmarks bar" and "bookmarks menu".