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I am new to the world of iPad and need help. Where are my videos stored after they are downloaded? And how do I upload them to FB? I've figured out to do photos but not videos.

Thanks so very much!


iPad 2
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)

    The same applies to videos uploaded to FB as with photos.


    I believe FB has a video size limit.

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    Hi Allen. (I was born in Austin and went to Baylor, since you're a central TX guy.)


    I've downloaded the videos but can't find them in my photos file. Inept I know. Where are they stored?


    I had to download an app to get my photos from my iPad2 to FB. Haven't found one for videos.




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    I've lived in Austin in the past - 4 years the first time during the late 80's, and for a year and a half or so the second time. I'm a BU grad and I've also been a Waco resident.


    Photos and videos transferred from your computer are stored in the iPad's Photos - the same place as photos. If in a particular folder or album selected to be transferred to your iPad, it will be available in that album when selecting the Albums tab, and will also be available when selecting the Photos tab.


    FaceBook has an app for iOS devices, but they haven't provided an iPad optimized version. The iPhone/iPod Touch version works with the iPad, but is not optimized for it. FaceBook's app provides for uploading photos and videos.

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    Thank you so much Allan. I finally found the hiding video and got it posted to my FB page via YouTube. But it was tedious!


    I'm spending the month of Aug. on the west coast of Ireland and wanted to post a video of a singing group, singing to me! With you help, mission accomplished!