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During playback, I click on the audio ballon and select Surround, instead of Stereo, and the movie freezes and will not continue to play.  If I reselect Stereo, it starts playback again.  What gives?


My setup and Goal: To watch movies on my iPad/Living room TV and hide all our DVD discs in the basement.  I use Ripit to rip only titles I own and then use it's Compress function (which uses Handbrake) to save it as an m4v and it gets placed in my iTunes folder.  From there, I have my old MacBook acting as an HTPC, connected to the receiver via an optical cable, and S-video to my TV (No hdtv yet). 


The optical cable works. The whole system works. I just can't get 5.1 surround.  I use Perian, and have followed the steps to activate passthru via the terminal window, but I don't know if iTunes needs Perian to pass the audio through. I've also set up the Midi setup to be 48,000 Hz in 2ch-24bit.  Interestingly, when I try to change iTunes to surround while pausing a movie, and the movie subsequently won't play until I switch back to stereo, this changes the Midi setup to Encoded, not 2ch.


Anyone else not able to watch a movie in Surround Sound and have it freeze when you select that option in iTunes?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7)