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tobylaura Level 1 (0 points)

During playback, I click on the audio ballon and select Surround, instead of Stereo, and the movie freezes and will not continue to play.  If I reselect Stereo, it starts playback again.  What gives?


My setup and Goal: To watch movies on my iPad/Living room TV and hide all our DVD discs in the basement.  I use Ripit to rip only titles I own and then use it's Compress function (which uses Handbrake) to save it as an m4v and it gets placed in my iTunes folder.  From there, I have my old MacBook acting as an HTPC, connected to the receiver via an optical cable, and S-video to my TV (No hdtv yet). 


The optical cable works. The whole system works. I just can't get 5.1 surround.  I use Perian, and have followed the steps to activate passthru via the terminal window, but I don't know if iTunes needs Perian to pass the audio through. I've also set up the Midi setup to be 48,000 Hz in 2ch-24bit.  Interestingly, when I try to change iTunes to surround while pausing a movie, and the movie subsequently won't play until I switch back to stereo, this changes the Midi setup to Encoded, not 2ch.


Anyone else not able to watch a movie in Surround Sound and have it freeze when you select that option in iTunes?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • Gabriel Couto Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem as you.


    My video freezes whenever I select Surround audio track from iTunes.


    For now, I have been using MPlayerX to address the issue, which gives me an option to pass through when S/PDIF is available.


    I really want iTunes working, that's why I bought iVI app(to convert and import my movies to iTunes library).

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    I have a very similiar setup and experiencing exactly the same behaviour.


    When I switch to surround playback freezes.


    I can at least confirm you are not alone but have no solution to offer.

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    Same problem here?! Don't see any solutions.

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    I have almost the exact same problem.  All of a sudden movies that I converted will no longer play in surround in iTunes; iTunes just pauses, but will resume playing if I switch to stereo sound.  Movies and TV shows purchased in iTunes on the other hand play pefectly in surround.

  • The F Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried one of the hacks for QuickTime which sort of

    worked and XBMC outputs 5.1 no problem but iTunes

    that's another problem?!

  • Neovinter Level 1 (10 points)

    I have same problem.  In MplayerX surround works fine but not in iTunes.

    Why apple doesn't solve this problem?

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    Same here. That *****...

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    Been having the same problem all day. Just figured out that its Perian thats causing the issue. Select to uninstall it (the icon will remain in Settings and you can reactivate it at any time) and my systems back up and running fine.

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    I have been looking for this fix for years!!!! Nothing worked. But uninstalling Perian and restarting iTunes fixed it, I can now play AC3 Passthrough from iTunes!



    i7 Mac Mini (2012) with HDMI to

    Pioneer VSX-1021 with HDMI to

    46" Vizio LED LCD 240hz



    Using Handbrake and iTunes 11


    Thanks Jonstonia!

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    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked finally!!!

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    uninstalling Perian worked for me thanks!!! not sure but i thought i installed to play back surround.

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    I have the same problem, I do not have perian, so it is clearly not the problem for me.

    It worked prior to me installing Yosemite.

    I see movies through HDMI on my Macbook Pro connected to my DENON AVRHD


    Very, very strange, as soon as I choose AC3 the sound freezes, and the movie freezes, cannot be played (unless I choose stereo again, then it works fine). If I would play something with AC3 in for example VLC, it works just fine, so it is just from rented moview in iTunes store, and as I said, it worked prior to isnalling Yosemite.


    Anyone knows?

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    This was my fix as well.  Perian seems to have been the issue.


    Funny for all these years it never dawned on me to try this.