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Hi. I was wondering if someone could help me out with suggestions on converting my old WinAmp (.m3u) playlists into usable iTunes (.xml) playlists?


I have Windows XP Pro (with the latest Windows updates), and a brand new iPod 160 Gig Classic.


I have used WinAmp as my media player for the longest time. The reason that I haven't created playlists in iTunes is because:


  • It took me years to customize these Winamp playlists exactly how I want them (you know how that is).



  • iTunes is a huge program that tends to takes up too many system resources on my PC. I have an older PC, and don't have the time or money to invest in a new system, copy files, set it up, etc.


  • iTunes somehow modifies an mp3 whenever it is played in iTunes ( I can see that it has been modified in the "Date Modified" column, where my mp3 files are located).


  • Historically - up until the last year or so, iTunes has not had too much of a problem faithfully importing my Winamp playlists into iTunes (to be transferred onto my iPod).


So, I just got off the phone with Apple Technical Support, Tier 2.  I told him that I had the latest version of iTunes (version 10), installed yesterday.


I successfully imported my 90 Gigs of mp3's into the  iTunes "Music Library" without a problem.


The problem arose today when I tried to import one of my WinAmp (.m3u) playlists into iTunes, so that I could copy the playlist over onto my iPod. I've done this dozens of times. I've already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling iTunes.


Like I said, I really want to keep these playlists it took a long time to customize the occurrence and frequency of favorite mp3's into those playlists.


The technician said that the latest release of iTunes won't work with Winamp (m3u) playlists.  I asked him if he thought it would work again if I downloaded an older version of iTunes. He said that with the new iPod Classic that I have, it will not work with older versions of iTunes (I have no idea why), so that's out. He suggested Googling an "m3u to xml file converter."


I checked on Google and saw a lot of programs that will convert xml files to m3u file format (for reasons unknown to me), but I haven't had any luck online finding a file converter that will faithfully convert my WinAmp (.m3u) playlists TO iTunes (.xml) playlists to use instead, and make iTunes run smoother. Any suggestions?*


* Keep in mind that I'd really prefer to convert my m3u playlists, rather than create all new iTunes playlists from scratch.



Custom-made PC, Windows XP Pro, CPU: Intel Pentium 4, CPU Speed: 3GHz, RAM: 1 Gig, Hard Drive Ca
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