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I was using a PPC imac until about 2 months ago when I got a new imac, running SL.  Last year or maybe even before that, I remember seeing some info about options in mail that were not available to those running a slightly older OS and I think one of them was a type of 'stationary' in mac mail.  I'd seen some of the templates and thought I could se think of times I might want to use one.  When I got my new imac I looked in mail and it doesn't look any different than the mac mail I had running on my PPC with Leopard. 


Today I was at the apple store, picking up my imac which needed service at apple's request and on apple's dime and played on a an imac there running Lion, to play with it a bit and see how it looks.  I've been holding off, wanting to see if they shake some of the bugs out from the first roll out.  I opened mac mail and saw a little box in the upper right corner and when I clicked on it, a row of 5 or 6 stationary templates showed up.  So they are there in Lion.  But I SWEAR I saw some hype/advertisement about this feature over a year ago and remember it was not available for my older OS. 


Does anyone know if there are stationary type options for mac mail, for SL users?




iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    It is available on my machine running Mail in Snow Leopard, but only in the header for a New Message window -

    Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 1.04.12 AM.png


    You may need to drag the window wider to the right in order to have that pop into view. If it still doesn't show, check the items set for view in the toolbar: with the New Message window active, select "Customize Toolbar..." from the View menu, and add that item if necessary.


    Note - you can create your own stationary very easily. Make any changes you want to a message in the New Message window, such as background color, font and styling, text blurb, etc.; then select "Save as Stationary..." from the File menu. Give it a handy name when asked.


    Once you do that, it will be available in the "Show Stationary" pulldown menu.

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    Thank you Don, once I opened a new message I saw the templates.  I was, stupidly LOL, looking at the main mail page and did not see it.  But when I read your message, the light switch came on, that of course I won't see it until I'm in the message window.  Thanks for the kind how to, I needed it today ;-)