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Hello Folks,

What is the main difference, in format, between the DVD's that you play on a regular DVD player attached to a TV and
a DVD that plays on computers that have a DVD drive with DVD playing capabilities (like the ones that play on the Mac with the Apple "DVD Player")?

Do you need to author or burn these differently or the same?


G5 1.8 GHz Dual, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    The DVDs are basically the same, and you will have the same issues on sometimes things working/not working depending on the DVD Player (i.e., not all DVD Players are made the same) and there are also some issues with respect to DVD-ROM files and pseudo "mouse overs".

    But if you are just making a basic DVD these things should not be issues
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    Thanks for the reply Drew.

    What is a good place (Forum, Website, etc.) to go to and learn about the best way to make DVD's that are the most compatible with as many players as possible, including DVD players on computers, by using DVD Studio Pro?
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    This place is pretty good

    There are some general rules - first read the tutorials and work through them (there may be some errors, but it gets you started), then play with some projects just for fun for yourself

    1.) Use good media for burning DVDs (non-replicated) if you are just making from your burner for others, burn at slow rate

    2.) aPac audio and be careful of using video rates that are too high if you are just making from your burner for others

    3.) Try not to fill a DVD to the brim if you are just making from your burner for others

    4.) Test Test Test before duplicating/replicating. And when you are done testing, make sure to Test. Partly tounge in cheek, but not. Proof in simulator only as a start, then build and watch in DVD Player (Apple) then burn a copy and test on a few machines

    5.) Play with video encoding settings to see what works for different types of material

    The majority of issues relate to players. There are discussions here about how to make DVD SP even better (dvdafteredit, etc.) which really gets under the hood. For the most part DVD SP does a real good job, particularly if you are not getting fancy (such as scripts) and you can produce a ton of projects that are fine. Some things some players get weird and DVD Players are all not the same. Windows computers can behave strange in general (for any DVD not just DVD SP) depending on DVD software, hardware and which version of WIndows Media Player, some DVD Players/Manufacturers are inconsistent in quality (one DVD player may work fine, others won't same model and make)

    And if you try enough machines you will find something weird at some point. I sent DVDs out for QC checks, came back perfectly fine (bunch of menus and buttons) except one DVD player for some reason would not work with one button on a menu. It worked with every other button on the menu, and worked with every other button on every other menu, but for some reason -:(

    Then of course check discs were redone and the problem went away, with absolutely nothing being changed on the menu...go figure
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