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I downloaded a torrent of Final Cut Pro X.

I deleted it imediately after i realized how the new mac app store license applications.

Final Cut Torrent had a _MASReciept registered to some one elses Apple ID. (asdffff2011@mail.ru)


The Problem is Mac Appstore thinks i baught a copy of angry birds and tells me i have an update for it.

But i can not update because i dont know asdfff2011@mail.ru password, and it wont let me buy angry birds the legit way, by

Entering my apple ID and password, it tells me i need to login as asdfff2011@mail.ru.

But im not This Guy......



so i tried formating my macbook and reinstalling OSX from scratch.

and NOT putting the torrent of final cut on there.

and it came back so i can conclude it is saved in apples ID database...



Mac OS X (10.7)